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Maquilados de Elastomeros, S.A. de C.V.


“Your Rubber Soluion”

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Production Plant: Currently MAESA has an installed plant to produce 3,000 tons per month , with the following infrastructure capacity:



 4 Banburies.

 1 Craker.

 3 Calenders.


 1 Extruder.

 1 Cutting strips.


These 4 banburies, 2 are 220 kg. of capacity and 2 are 70 kg of capacity, one of these is assigned to color compounds exclusively, and another for compounds mixed butyl.


Pilot Plant: MAESA has "Pilot Plant" for research and design ( R & D ) of the compounds, which are made preparation and testing of samples. Compounds according to specific requirements of our customers, our continuous improvement in research and desing enable the creation of new cutting-edge compounds are developed.


The comprises infrastructure: One small Banbury of 1 Lt. Capacity, One laboratory grinder of 13 inches x 6 inches, A laboratory extruder and A spider mold for flow studies.


Testing Lab: The MAESA lab is equipped with everything necessary to measure "rubber quality compounds", the quality ensuring of the components (products), and we have the following equipment:



 Abrasion Test

 Compression Test

 Density Test

 Hardness Test


 Elongation Test

 Rheometry (ODR and MDR) Test

 Viscosity T3 (scorch) Test

 Ozone chamber.

Production Plant


Pilot Plant

Testing Lab